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A river cruise is an absolute must if you visit the Moselle, for example from Traben-Trarbach to Bernkastel-Kues including a watergate.

The Moselle region is characterized by the many castles. On nearly every hill on the river side the ancient knights had built their castles in order to control the trading. The Old Town of Cochem is being dominated by the Reichsburg. The Castle Burg Eltz, whose picture used to be on the former 500 Deutsch Mark bill, has never been destroyed and has been in the possession of the same family for over 800 years.



Another option is to explore the fortress Mont Royal, which is located on the mountain right above Traben-Trarbach. It was build by the French in the 16th century and offers a magnificent view over the Moselle valley. Since last year you can also test your courage in the climbing and adventure forest on the Mont Royal. Secured by ropes and under professional supervision you have to overcome numerous challenging bridges in 15 meters height.


Ans what about a trip to the Vulcan Eifel. North of Wittlich the Maare, which circular are tuff cones filled with water, create a unique landscape. The most beautiful tuff cones can be found close to Daun in the centre of the Vulcan Eifel. They are called “Gemündener Maar”, Schalkenmehrener Maar” and “Weinfelder Maar”. The Pulvermaar near Gillenfeld is with its depth of 75m Germany’s deepest mountain lake outside the Alps.


Always worth a visit is Germany’s oldest city: Augusta Treverorum, Treveris, Roma secunda all names the ancient Romans used for Trier. The names give evidence of the 2000 year history. Emperors and kings were residing here, generations of mighty Bishops, even saints such as the Holy Helen or the Holy Simeon., but also Karl Marx. In Trier the history becomes alive when visiting the Porta Nigra, the Kaiserthermen, the Dome, the Palastaula and the Römerbrücke. But Trier also offers romantic alleys and a beautiful market.


In the Hunsrück area, on the opposite side of the Eifel side of the Moselle, the so called Gemstone Street is also a great destination for a trip. You can visit a gemstone grindery or a former mine in Idar-Oberstein or enjoy the romantic atmosphere in Bad Herrstein with its traditional truss work houses.


And in the evening you relax in our comfortable and cosy apartment with a glass of Moselle wine. From the roof terrace you have a wonderful view of the enlightened castle ruin Grevenburg.

www.move-up-gmbh.de  (climbing and adventure forest Mont Royal)
www.edelsteinmuseum.de  (Idar-Oberstein)
www.zweirad-wagner.de    (bicycle Traben-Trarbach)
www.voelklinger-huette.org    (World Heritage Site)
www.der-takt.de    (light rail vehicles)

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For trips to Trier or Luxembourg we recommend the train (see link der-takt.de) or the bus – so you do not have to bother with the tiresome search for a parking spot. The volcanos or the castles can be reached by car.

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